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    May 13, 2021

    Life Skills

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    SEB'S Institute

    Ayesha Azhar

    IELTS (A-1 Life Skills) Student 2019

    “ I’m a housewife and did not know anything about  English. I thought I can never pass IELTS A1. The teacher at SEB’S Institute worked hard with me. Alhamdulillah, I passed the exam.  Thanks a lot, SEB’S Institute. ”

    SEB'S Institute

    Dr Asad Gilani

    IELTS Courses

    “I just wanted to send gratitude for the class. The materials and lessons really helped me improve all modules. The class helped me a lot and I got the required BANDS Alhamdulillah! Thank you so much! My final scores were Listening 8, Reading 8.5, Writing 7, and Speaking 7.5!”

    SEB'S Institute

    Ms Tehseen

    IELTS Courses

    “I took the IELTS preparation course at SEB’S Institute. It helped me pushed my score considerably from 6.0 to 7.5. To be honest, the motivation and energy I got from my teachers and administration worked wonders. The results of the IELTS exam have a huge impact on my future and I think that choosing SEB’s Institute for preparation was one of my best decisions. Thanks again!”

    SEB'S Institute

    Dr. Bilal Shah Canada

    IELTS course

    “I really have genuinely enjoyed all my modules. People worry about the fact that the IELTS course is so heavy and assume that it might become difficult to get the required bands. But it doesn’t. Each module is though different yet integrated. I was trained that way. I also love the Weekly Mock Test system – it’s definitely what makes the SEB’S Institute so unique. “Dr. Bilal Shah Canada”

    SEB'S Institute

    Arsalan CSS Aspirant

    Writing Skills Course

    “ I did my Writing Skills Course from SEB’s Institute. It involved doing lots of different practical exercises and had lots of variety, which I really enjoyed, and it was very satisfying to start from scratch and reach where one dreams to be.” (Arsalan CSS Aspirant) ”

    SEB'S Institute


    Spoken English Course

    “I loved Spoken English Course at SEB’S Institute. I felt like I was constantly being ‘pushed’ (maybe not the right word) intellectually and was always invited to think and speak at length. I think this impulse to push myself to learn is something I’ve taken from SEB’s Institute. My experiences here at SEB’S Institute, have hugely shaped my interests. “Ahmad”

    SEB'S Institute

    Maryam Farooq

    IELTS Courses

    “ My experience at SEB’S Institute has been very fulfilling. My trainer has been extremely supportive and flexible. As an institute, SEB’S Institute delivered what it promised me and more. The support staff is always cordial and helpful. I felt the ambiance at the center with all the students/professionals and the staff very conducive for learning and growing. I got my required BANDS (L-7, R-7, W-7, S-7.5) ”

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