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About SEBS Institute

SEB’S Institute was founded in 1992 on a commitment to uproot rote-learning system and sow the seeds of creativity. Since its inception, the organization has been trying to help professionals, non-professionals and students learn English language along with presentation, interview and other essential skills needed for the success in the relevant areas/fields. Fortunately, we have done exactly what we set out to do.

We are proud of helping thousands of students in their academic pursuit. Our biggest achievement is to help people realize their dreams (i.e., scoring required bands in IELTS, Cambridge English Exam, TOEFL, TOEIC, PTE, ESOL, BULATS for immigration, scholarships and admissions in foreign universities, improving required skills (writing, reading, speaking) of students of all levels (school-going students, college going students, university-going students and CSS aspirants).


To make our students, Professionals and non-professionals part of an interactive learning process where they enjoy the learning.


To uproot the rote-learning system and sow the seeds of creativity for practical reasons as the world around needs inspiring skilled individuals.


We believe that innovative, rigorous, and compassionate approach to quality education, training, improvement and grooming empowers the individuals, professionals, and students and builds their characters for increasingly diverse and demanding world.


SEB’S Institute is the brainchild of the Chairman of SEB’S Institute who happens to be the dynamically pragmatic spirit behind it.He came up with the idea of opening an institute with a specific purpose in mind and he spiritedly follows it through to date. Curiously enough, he thought that even though we know English and yet we do not know it, are all the same. If we are not being understood by the native language speakers and vice-versa, in that situation around, are we really acquainted with English or else, will it always remain foreign to us or will we be able to grasp it at some point in time or be at home with it? Will it be that we at our best distort the beautiful language of English of the English to an extent that metamorphoses to PINGLISH? With this in mind the ambitious youngster then in his teens decided to contributively improve the situation at hand within his possible domain and sphere of influence. (written by our beloved Major Rtd. Shahid Munir(Late))

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