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Syed Ejaz Bukhari

Our Story

SEB'S Institute, nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Garden Town, Lahore, stands as a beacon of language excellence, specializing in IELTS and spoken English courses. Our institute is dedicated to guiding individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life toward achieving fluency and confidence in the English language.

Our team of seasoned instructors at SEB’S Institute shares a deep commitment to linguistic empowerment. Whether your goal is to excel in the IELTS examination for overseas education or to enhance your spoken English skills for personal or professional growth, our programs are meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our Team

SEB'S Institute Team: Nurturing Linguistic Excellence, Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders, Shaping a World of Opportunities

Shahzad Roshan Gillani

PR & Marketing Strategist 

Syed Wasif Haider

Social Media Manager

Syed Mehboob Bukhari

Legal Advisor 

Ms. Riffat

Director Quality Assurance

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